Posted by Courtesy of Casio on Apr 28th 2017

This is the latest new addition to the MASTER OF G MUDMASTER Series. Mud Resist construction helps to ensure that nothing gets into the watch when down and dirty work takes you deep into the dirt and sludge. Multiple gaskets are used on the pipes that guide buttons and shafts, which keeps mud out. These pipes not only act to protect buttons from impact, they also enhance button operation.


Shock-resistant construction protects against impact and vibrations. This technology has been passed down to every G-SHOCK model for over a quarter-century.


Each button is fitted with a cylindrical guard structure with gaskets on the button shaft and inside the cylinder. As well as keeping out mud and dust, the gaskets help cushion impacts.


The large buttons are easy to press while wearing gloves and feature a checkered finish for an authentic military-style design.


The non-slip style texturing gives the band a military edginess.


The ring sports an IP finish for a more sophisticated feel. Imprinted with the compass bearings for Digital Compass mode.

This new watch in Mudmaster line up has all the features you require in a modern watch and built to withstand everything that is thrown at it including wet, cold, hot and muddy conditions. It can be used in the air, at sea or anywhere on land.  It’s the perfect solution for individuals who like to spend a lot of time outside in places where there’s plenty of dust, dirt, water and sand, which can affect more inferior products.

As well as being shock resistant and mud resistant, it can perform at depths of up to 200 meters.

Is likely most owners of this type of watch are adventurers which mean they will more than likely travel to other parts of the world. It caters for 31 time zones, which includes 48 cities. The G-Shock GG-1000 series also has a city code display and daylight saving capabilities.

The GG-1000 Mudmaster can be transformed into an accurate 1/100 second stop watch too. The other stopwatch features available include split time, elapsed time, measuring modes and first place and second place timing. A countdown timer is another feature you may require at certain times, with a countdown range of 60 minutes.

The G-Shock GG-1000 model measures temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F) and as high as 60°C (140°F). These readings are easy to view, and the measuring unit is 0.1 C or 0.2°F.

Five daily alarms and a single snooze alarm ensure that you get up when you should and stick to your original travel plans if you are exploring somewhere new.

A digital compass ensures that it becomes almost impossible to get lost, no matter how weak your sense of direction is. The GG-1000 is a smart watch because it includes a bearing memory function. This feature shows direction readings based on the direction you began to travel from, which makes it much safer to travel in dark, misty or foggy conditions.