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Watch Repair Services We Provide

Providing top-quality watch repair & service is at the core of our business at Donaldson Watches & Repair. Our certified and factory trained watchmakers perform watch repair and maintenance services in-house, within our state-of-the-art service center. By performing these tasks on premise, we assure quality work and fast turn around for all watch repair & services that we perform.

We would like to help you understand some of the different watch repair & services that we offer.  It is our firm belief that transparency and education are the foundations for building a lasting relationship. Below, find a quick guide to some of the watch repair & services that we perform.


All quartz watches, both with digital displays or analog displays, require a small battery to operate. Before replacing old batteries, we test them to ensure that battery replacement is the best course of action. If it is determined that the battery needs replacing, we will proceed to do so. Most simple battery replacements are done while you wait. We apply a date code to each battery at the time of install for tracking purposes and all battery replacements are guaranteed for 1 year.


All quartz watches that are dive-rated or exposed to water should be pressure tested and re-sealed when a battery replacement is performed. This is crucial to ensuring that your watch performs as it should when coming in contact with water. Our service includes both a waterless pressure test as well as a water exposure test to ensure that their water resistance is intact. Additionally, this is a great time to clean the watch case and bracelet, and to check band pins and springs bars for durability.


There are many different ways for watch bands and bracelets to be assembled. These different methods help give each watch a distinct look. Sometimes bracelets and bands are assembled with pins and friction tubes, cotter pins, or specialized screws.  Our watchmakers can size many different kinds of watch bands and bracelets in-house, often while you wait. If  a repair is needed, this can take a few days depending on what needs to be performed.  Depending on the repair, this process may include the replacement of parts, or drilling out broken pins and rivets in the watch band or bracelet.


Replacing a worn watch band or bracelet can help make an old watch look like new. It can change the whole appearance of your watch, or it can refresh the timeless look of the original design. At Donaldson Watches & Repair, we offer a variety of replacement options.  Depending on the watch, we offer a variety of replacements from certain manufacturers. Additionally, we offer the finest aftermarket watch bands and bracelets available. Our staff will assist you in selecting the best option by measuring the lug-width of your watch, determining your wrist size, and the style you're looking for.  


Do you have an old watch that you want to look like new again? Or do you have a scratch on the case that is just driving you crazy?  We can help!  You see we're watch nuts and know just how frustrating those blemishes can be. The process of watch case and band refinishing is performed through a series of different polishing compounds and wheels depending on the watch material (stainless steel, titanium, or gold). By using a variable speed motor, scratches and dents can be put back to a high polish finish. If needed we can then tape off areas on the watch using a polymide tape to protect the high polished areas and apply other finishes to select areas. These finishes may include a brushed or a bead/sand blasted look depending on the manufactures style.


The watch crystal is an important component of your watch. It protects the dial, hands & markers, and the movement from dust, debris, and damage. There are many different kinds of crystals used in watches today. Depending on the watch, these may include Sapphire glass, Mineral crystal, or types of plastic. We can replace crystals for most styles and shapes of watches. Some watch crystals require specialized gaskets to "friction fit" them into the case, while others requires specialized glue to secure them. Regardless of the type of crystal needed, our service center will expertly install and seal your new watch crystal.


This is a crucial service process for manual-wind or automatic (self-winding) mechanical timepieces. This service is strongly recommended by all watch manufacturers at regular intervals to ensure your watch performs as it was designed to.  Watch movement and cleaning is usually recommended every 3, 5, or 7 years depending on the manufacturer or use of your watch.

This labor-intensive process begins when the watch movement is completely removed from its case. We begin the process by carefully disassembling the movement and examining each component for wear, while determining if any repairs are needed.  All parts are run through a two-machine cleaning process to make sure all old oil and lubrication materials are removed before reassembly and replacement of worn parts. After cleaning, we begin reassembling the movement and apply fresh oil of lubrication materials to manufacturer specifications. Upon assembly completion, the movement is run through a series of positional test for timekeeping adjustments, and followed by re-casing the movement to the case.  We then begin additional positional testing on rotating machines to insure proper timekeeping.


The stem and crown of a watch is one of the most exposed and unprotected parts of your watch. They are often bumped, snagged, occasionally broken off, and sometimes become disconnected. Additionally, the gaskets in this part of the watch will wear out or break down over time. It is not uncommon to see watches that require repair in this area and we're experts in performing this type of service. 

The crown and stem are also key components in ensuring the water resistance of your watch. Depending on the manufacture, sometimes the crown is specific to the watch model and has to be replaced with that specific crown to insure its water resistance.


This process is performed on battery operated quartz watches when needed. Sometimes, it is more cost effective to replace the internal movement instead of cleaning and oiling. If we determine this is the best course of action. the movement is removed from the case, the dial and hands are removed from the old movement and placed on the new movement. We then re-case the new movement into the cleaned and sometimes refinished case and bracelet.


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