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Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Carbon Coming Soon

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For a professional diving watch, it is critical and can even be the difference between life and death, that the time is visible in any and all conditions, be it night diving, deep diving, diving in poor visibility or wreck diving. The Luminox Light Technology (LLT) ensures that all its watches have easy and immediate readability, and are Always Visible constantly glowing for up to 25 years.


ICE SAR 1001ICE SAR 1002ICE SAR 1007ICE SAR 1003ICE SAR 1003.SAR LIMITED EDITIONICE SAR ARCTIC - 1000 SERIESOriginating in the 1880's, the field watch gained popularity during the First World War due to soldier's demands for reliable and portable timepieces. Trench fighting required quick, accurate timing so watches had to be small enough to be [...]

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Citizen Promaster Diver Eco-Drive BN0191-55L

BN0191-55LBN0191-55LBN0191-55LISO-compliant and powered by Eco-Drive technology, the new Citizen Promaster Diver balances dive functionality with a great look for everyday wear.

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Citizen Promaster Tough Eco-Drive BN0211-50E

BN0211-50EBN0211-50EBN0211-50ETest the extremes with the brand new CITIZEN Promaster Tough series. Living up to its name, this timepiece features a monocoque case (2 piece construction resulting in no caseback) resulting in extreme rigidity, shock resistance and anti-magnetism.

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Oris Aquis Source of Life Limited Edition 01 733 7730 4125-Set RS

01 733 7730 4125-Set RS01 733 7730 4125-Set RS01 733 7730 4125-Set RS01 733 7730 4125-Set RSThe Oris Source of Life Limited Edition is inspired by the River Rhine and celebrates the role water plays in creating, connecting and sustaining life, and invites us to think philosophically about how we care for the world’s water [...]

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New Anonimo Epurato Series Coming Soon

STAINLESS STEEL CASE GALVANIC MAT BLUE DIAL AM-4000.01.108.K35STAINLESS STEEL CASE GALVANIC MAT BLUE DIAL AM-4000.01.108.K35STAINLESS STEEL & DLC BLACK DIAL AM-4000.02.292.K19STAINLESS STEEL & DLC BLACK DIAL AM-4000.02.292.K19BRONZE CASE GALVANIC GREEN SUNRAY DIAL AM-4000.04.466.F66BRONZE CASE GALVANIC GREEN SUNRAY DIAL AM-4000.04.466.F66Interpreting the codes of Italian elegance with the new collection, we pay homage to Florentine aesthetics. EPURATO: a third line that uses the [...]

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Oris Big Crown Pointer Date 01 754 7741 4065-07 5 20 63

01 754 7741 4065-07 5 20 6301 754 7741 4065-07 5 20 6301 754 7741 4065-07 5 20 6301 754 7741 4065-07 5 20 6301 754 7741 4065-07 5 20 63Stylish and popular the world over: these new aviation watches have it all. The pointer calendar movement has been an Oris favourite for over 70 [...]

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Casio G-Shock Step Tracker Yellow GBA800-9A

GBA800-9AGBA800-9AWhile linked with the G-SHOCK Connected phone app, you can configure settings for a step count log with five exercise intensity levels, calorie calculations, and step targets. The ability to use the app to create timer combinations and send them to the watch, to store stopwatch measurement data, to view data and more all combine [...]

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Casio G-SHOCK Black GX56BB-1

GX56BB-1GX56BB-1Introducing the Black Out Series from G-SHOCK featuring a collection of all-black stealth G-SHOCK that capture the essence of one-tone resin. Simple matte black finish allows the form of the AW591, DW6900, GX56 and G100 models to stand out with buckles, buttons and bezel in a black ion plate finish.

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